Partnership Approach to Working With Young People

The HEY Network in partnership with Enfield and Haringey police delivered a workshop for professionals with young people on helping young people make better choices.

Step Back is a short film produced by local Enfield based Leo Powell. The film looks at how young people can make different choices which can lead to more positive outcomes.

Any resource which highlights the stark reality of knife crime and raises awareness can only be a positive, and we hope this film resonates with our youngsters and drives them to make more informed life choices.”

Detective Chief Superintendent Treena Fleming

Thanks to support from the Enfield and Haringey Police, a toolkit and training package was made available to practitioners working with young people and their families in Enfield and Haringey.

The film is really thought-provoking and we were delighted when we heard there was a whole workshop package to help use this film when working with young people. We were very happy to assist and believe it will be used well across the two boroughs.

Seema Chandwani, Project Manager - HEY Network

The session had over 25 participants who work frontline with young people and their families across Enfield and Haringey.

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